Peter Jones Bio

peter_hs1Cisco – Chairman, Vice President and Board Member

Peter Jones has been disrupting the software and systems architecture segments in Cisco for nearly ten years. As a Principal Engineer, Peter oversees system and software architecture for key areas within the enterprise switching and wireless platforms.

Currently, Peter is Chairman and Vice President of the NBASE-T Alliance, driving market development and standardization efforts and promoting product interoperability to ensure a positive user experience of IEEE 802.3 BASE-T Ethernet technologies.

Peter is actively involved in IEEE 802 standards development focusing on 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking Task Group, as well as 802.3 work including 802.3br Interspersing Express Traffic Task Force and the “Next Generation Enterprise BASE-T Access” CFI group. Peter was a significant contributor to IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring Working Group, and is still active on the 802.17 Experts List.

Prior to Cisco, Peter has offered his expertise and leadership to the likes of Luminous Networks, Atmosphere Networks and DataCraft. At all three companies he furthered major product platform developments, making systems deployable and delivering device control and manageability for network usability.

Peter holds a BSc in computer science and physics from the University of Western Australia.

Aside from technology, Peter is passionate about Celtic music, science fiction and good wine. You can find Peter on LinkedIn and Twitter @petergjones.