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Search Networking – NBASE-T switches help organizations ‘futureproof’ networks

Early adopters are turning to the new IEEE Ethernet standard, 802.3bz, to help ensure their wireless networks can meet the bandwidth demands of tomorrow.

As the advent of cloud computing has upended traditional rip-and-replace cycles at many enterprises, the networking industry has found itself grappling with tectonic changes and a plethora of unknowns over the past several years. Amidst all this uncertainty, one clear trend caught the attention of beleaguered vendors: Organizations’ reliance on wireless networks has increased dramatically. This, in turn, has prompted a demand for more flexible networking gear capable of scaling to meet growing bandwidth demand.

The networking industry responded by developing IEEE 802.3bz — an Ethernet standard also referred to as NBASE-T. It calls for the addition of multigigabit speeds of 2.5 Gbps on CAT5e cable and 5 Gbps on CAT6 cable.

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